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How We are different

We aren’t like other data recovery companies.

A few examples of how we’re different…


Pre-determined; Flat Rates
We only have three prices for data recovery: $300, $400, and $500 (not including donor parts for head swaps, if necessary). We disclose all pricing info on our website and have no hidden fees. Before even sending us your drive, use our Rate Calculator to determine your out-the-door cost.


Diagnose-then-quote; Range-of-rates
They will receive your drive, then provide a price quote (often with a labor fee if the recovery is unsuccessful). Their rates typically include a range of prices (i.e., $800-$2400), rather than a flat fee. This quote is often based more on how important they think your data is, and how much you’re willing to pay, not the actual problem with your drive.


Accurate Diagnosis
Because our rates are independent of the problem with your drive, our diagnosis can be trusted. There is no incentive for us to say your drive has “bad heads” when we charge the same price even if a head swap is necessary. If donor parts are required, we charge you the exact price we pay (and even send you a link to the exact drive online).

Realistic Expectations
Our success rate is ~80%. But, some specific hard drive models are significantly more or less likely to be recovered. For example, 3.5″ Seagate 3TB “DM” drives often have unrecoverable platter damage, so the chances of success for this model will be lower than a 2.5″ Fujitsu 250GB drive. In fact, severe platter damage causes at least 5-10% of all failed drives to be unrecoverable. We give our customers realistic expectations of their likelihood for a successful recovery.


Biased Diagnosis
They will often intentionally misdiagnose your drive in order to justify their high prices. Several times a week we receive drives that went to other companies first and our customers were told the heads were bad (and quoted over $1000). Then we diagnose the drive and determine the heads are actually good and the problem with the drive was something else entirely (i.e. PCB, firmware corruption, etc.).

Fanciful Expectations
Other companies say things like “we have a 99% success rate,” when in fact, this is an impossible number to achieve. Given that 5-10% of all failed drives have unrecoverable platter damage, 95% is the closest possible success rate. But, in reality, there are other issues that can make a drive unrecoverable (firmware corruption, bad/lost ROM chip, file corruption, encryption failures, etc.), so even 95% is highly unlikely for any data recovery company to actualize.


Tell it like it is
Besides responding to e-mails, we never contact a potential customer to “sell” our data recovery services. We’ll never cold-call you or send an e-mail that wasn’t first initiated by you. We just tell our customers our price and the chances of success, and let them decide if we are the company they should choose. We have no “sales” department.


Pushy / Aggressive
They will get your name, phone number, e-mail address, and mailing address just to get a price quote — before you even decide to use them. If you don’t end up choosing them or responding to their quote, they will call and email you constantly, as most companies have dedicated sales/marketing teams just for this purpose.


All Recoveries Performed In-house
We are a full-service data recovery company and perform all repairs in-house. This includes head swaps, platter swaps (in many cases), firmware corruption, and even manually rebuilding failed RAID arrays. In the rare event that we can’t provide the type of repair your drive requires, or if we attempted recovery but failed to recover any data, then we may provide you with a recommendation of what company to try next.


Send Your Drive Elsewhere
Other companies have dozens of “local” retail store-fronts or office space. Once they receive your drive, they ship it to their “big lab” in some other city or state. Even worse, some companies have no “big lab” and just send your drive to another data recovery company and up-sell their services. Other data recovery companies use us for this exact purpose — and it makes sense because we charge so much less than them and provide the same or better results.


Timely Updates
We provide our customers with e-mail updates on just about every step of our recovery process. Most of our customers receive no fewer than five e-mails from us throughout the recovery process (which is typically around 5-7 business days). That’s almost one email every day. And, we write to our customers in plain English, not in technical data recovery terms. Don’t like e-mail? We are available by phone 24/7.


You Call Them
Other companies may take weeks to update you on the status of your recovery. Since many of these companies are actually sending your drive elsewhere, delays are inevitable (as are lost/missing drives). Even if all repairs are performed in-house, many other companies just aren’t good at keeping customers updated and often lack crucial communication skills to properly describe the issue and status of the recovery.